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Change My Vehicle

Get a new car? Change my vehicle?

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Changing your listed vehicle on your policy only takes 30 seconds....

We built the App so that when you want to replace your Insured vehicle, you get a chance to re-evaluate your coverages and start a new 90-day auto-renewing, or a 30 day policy. Here are the steps:

  1. Click the "details" link on your virtual insurance card (bottom right corner)

  2. Cancel your current policy

  3. Take an odometer photo of your old car to close out the mileage

  4. Restart your next policy... and don't worry, all your old policy info will still be there

  5. Change the VIN to the new vehicle

  6. Choose your desired coverages, Full Coverage or Liability Only

  7. Deposit the required money into your account balance (the app will let you know)

and that's it! Your insured with a new policy on your new car. Congrats!

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