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What is Vehicle Detection? Bluetooth Recognition? Apple CarPlay?

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*Currently available for Android phones only.

Vehicle Detection allows the App to recognize your insured vehicle through a connected device in your car. Every time the App detects driving activity, it will look out for your connected device to validate if the trip was made inside your insured vehicle. As a result, your trip charges will be more accurate as the app will recognize your insured vehicle, and not when you are a passenger in someone else's car. This feature is designed to work well with our Auto Trip Detection feature (please see the article on Auto Trip Detection for more info).

Here’s how to enable:

  • From your home screen, tap on the menu and select Just Labs.

  • Toggle “on” the switch to enable Vehicle Detection.

  • Then, tap on the “save” button to activate Vehicle Detection when you’re in your car.

  • Going back to the home screen... tap on the vehicle detection widget.

  • The App will search for your vehicle's connection devices. Choose Bluetooth if you want to connect to your phone or vehicle’s Bluetooth, or choose audio devices if you usually use a particular type of speakers, headphones or microphone inside your car.

  • When they appear, select the type(s) of connection(s) you want, so your phone knows when you are driving your insured vehicle. You can select as many devices as you like to help the app become even smarter.

The app will automatically reset your Vehicle Detection preferences for the App and update your home screen.

Please note: If you want to connect to your vehicle's Bluetooth, make sure your permissions are always enabled for the app to detect your vehicle. If you connect to your Audio Device, make sure you are already connected on your phone to see the results.

There's no need to dispute trips with Vehicle Detection. The app will only record the trips made inside your vehicle.

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