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Auto Trip Detection
Auto Trip Detection

What is Auto Trip Detection?

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Auto Trip Detection will capture your driving mileage a whole lot easier! Using telematic data, we are now able to calculate your miles driven automatically, even when the app is not open! Check out our video to see how it works. Click here!

Why? We want you to focus on driving safely!

Here's how to enable Auto Trip Detection:

  • From your home screen, tap on the menu and select Just Labs.

  • Toggle “on” the switch to enable Auto Trip Detection.

  • Then tap on the “save” button to activate Auto Trip Detection when you’re driving.

The app will automatically reset your preferences and update your home screen.

There’s no need to remember to open the app to press the “Start Trip” button every time you are about to drive. Auto Trip Detection will take care of capturing your trips automatically. The “Start Trip” button will disappear from your home screen and be replaced by your auto insurance card.

Once you stop driving, the app will process your trip and issue a charge for the miles driven . You can open your App's activity feed and view your trip transaction for more detail on the trip and charges.

Please take note: If you were a passenger in someone else's vehicle or took another method of transport, you can let us know by selecting “Dispute this trip” and provide a reason for your trip charge dispute. We’ll cancel your trip and credit your account balance immediately.

Also, make sure your location and motion permissions are always enabled for the app to function correctly.

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