Adding credit to your account just got easier with Automatic Payments. No more manually add credit every time you have a low balance. Simplify your account maintenance, save time and minimize negative balances by keeping your account balance updated automatically. It will help you from becoming uninsured. Check out our video to see how it works. Click here!

Here’s how to enable Automatic Payments:

  • From your home screen, tap on the Payments icon and toggle on the switch to enable Automatic Payments.

  • Set your minimum balance threshold amount that will trigger an automatic payment.

  • Select how much credit you want to refill your account every time it reaches the minimum balance.

  • Tap the Save button to activate Automatic Payments.

Your payments will be made from your primary payment method, and you can change your card details in the payments screen at any time.

We will always let you know when an automatic payment has been made.

Please take note. If after your automatic payment, your balance is still below the minimum balance, we will disable Automatic Payments.

Stay in control of your payments and account balance. Enable automatic payments today and stop worrying about a negative account balance and becoming uninsured.

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