Who is Just Insure?

Who is Just Insure, Inc.?

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We’re called "Just" for a reason. Current auto insurance offerings are neither moral, nor right, nor fair. Rates are based on things beyond an individual’s control - principally their age, sex, and where they live. Worse, these factors don’t actually cause accidents, it’s just insurers have deduced some historic correlation. If Joe at number thirteen doesn’t take care driving, then because you’re in the same zip code, you’ll pay more.

Just Insure means rates that reflect the choices people make. Do you choose to race your friends, exceeding the speed limit, and endangering yourself and other road users? If you do, you should pay more. Do you choose to check Instagram or send a WhatsApp while you’re driving? That’s unsafe, and that should be reflected in your price.

If you make smart, safe choices, you should pay less. There is no immutable rule that 22 year olds are dangerous drivers or that people with poor credit ratings always have accidents. You are an individual and it is right and fair and moral and, yes, Just that your rate reflects your choices and your decisions and your risk.

Our passion for doing the right thing is at the heart of our culture. Two of our Founders have lost friends and family in road accidents. And they wanted to create an insurance company that did more than collect premiums, they wanted it to make the roads safer; they wanted fewer late night phone calls bringing terrible news.

We were formed in Los Angeles in early 2019 and have offices there and in London. We currently offer auto insurance in Arizona, and so far our drivers have taken our safety message to heart and have had far fewer accidents than their peers. Our plan is to expand across the United States and eventually worldwide, helping make the roads safer and reducing peoples’ auto insurance bills. If you want to learn more, or are interested in joining our growing team, please reach out.

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