The short answer is... your ScoreSafe result ultimately decides your per mile price!

What is ScoreSafe? It is your personalized driver rating based upon six weighted factors:

  • Speed - we compare your speed to the speed limit and to the speed of the cars around you. It's safer to drive below the speed limit and at a similar pace to the vehicles around you.

  • Cornering - we measure your speed before, during and after each corner. It's safer to slow down before the turn, take the turn at a safe speed and then accelerate after you've straightened up.

  • Braking and Accelerating - we measure how smoothly you accelerate or brake. Braking or accelerating harshly can cause rear-end collisions.

  • Intersections - we check how many crossings you've driven through on your trips. Travelling through intersections are more dangerous than on regular sections of road.

  • Distraction - we check to see how many times the phone is picked up and used while driving. It's safer to keep your attention on the road.

  • Road Conditions - We check to see the weather conditions and what time of day the trip is taken. Taking trips at night or in wet or icy conditions are more dangerous.

The safer you drive, the better your score and the lower your price-per-mile. When you engage in the App, it will keep you updated on your completed trips and tell you what you've done well, and where you can improve. We want you to be safer and get the best possible price.

Please chat with us through the App or website if any questions. Of course, you can also email us at [email protected], or telephone us at 888) 787-5878.

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