So, you've taken the first step and changed the way you think about auto insurance. No more large monthly or semi-annual payments... just pay for insurance when you are driving and actually need it. Nice work.

That said, your policy billing is based on a per mile charge. So, there is an expectation that you will let us know when you are driving by either engaging "Auto Trip Detection" (read article) or pushing the "Start Trip" and "Stop Trip" buttons when you drive. The quick answer, is that odometer photos are used to periodically true-up your account balance during your 30 day policy period. Because unless we know how much you’ve driven, we won’t be able to charge you. And if we can’t charge you, we won’t be able to insure you going forward.

The first step is to take an odometer photo after your purchase, and then periodically during your policy life. At the end of the 30 day policy you will be asked to take another, so we can finalize your account balance and move any remaining funds to your next 30 day policy.

Please chat with us through the App or website if any questions. Of course, you can also email us at [email protected], or text or telephone us at 505) 587-8467.

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