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What's the catch? Why are you more affordable?
What's the catch? Why are you more affordable?

Why we are more affordable

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There's no catch. We just do things better than your current carrier. These are the ways we make auto insurance more affordable.

  • 90-day auto renewing, or 30 day stand alone policies are available - your choice based upon your needs. No need to signup to an expensive, yearly policy.    

  • You control the price - Towards the end of your policy period we'll give you a new price for your next insurance period. If you drive safely your price will be lowered and you'll save. 

  • Pay only for what you use - We only charge you when your car is driven. We charge you for each mile. After each trip we'll tell you how much you spent.      

  • Only spend what you can afford - We allow you to add as much or as little money to your account as you can afford. There is a minimum to get your initial policy period started, but automatic top-ups can be as low as $30. You are in control of how much you spend.     

  • No middle man - We don't use independent agents. Everything is done directly with us through the app. This allows us to cut the cost of your insurance.      

  • Minimum insurance cover -  We only offer state minimum liability limits, which holds down costs.

If you need help purchasing or converting your existing policy, please chat with us.

Of course, you can also telephone us at 888) 787-5878.

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